Prime Minister’s day in court

Another day, another newspaper (El Mundo) and another story about corruption in high places … El Mundo’s lead is the news that Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister of Spain, will be appearing as a witness in a court case which is exploring alleged illegal links between the ruling conservative Partido Popular and a group of businessmen led by Francisco Correa (El ‘testigo Rajoy’ declarará ante la Audiencia Nacional “Yo eché a Correa”). The case is closely linked to the scandal surrounding the party’s ex-Treasurer Luís Bárcenas. Rajoy has said that he will tell the court that he was the one who threw Correa out of the party, and he himself is not accused of any wrongdoing, but his appearance is a serious embarrassment to the party, which is preparing for a media onslaught. Commentators on this centre-rightish paper’s site are not impressed.

Other prominent stories today include the trial of a jihadist who has admitted targeting vulnerable teenagers in an attempt to recruit them as ISIS fighters or brides for fighters in Syria (El yihadista que reclutó mujeres para casarlas con terroristas se arrepiente de colaborar con el IS). Under a deal with the prosecution he is receiving a reduced (five year) sentence.

The paper also reports on the savage beating sustained by a member of Spain’s alternative left Podemos party (El miembro de Podemos agregido a Toledo: “Podría estar en el tanatorio). The motives for the attack are not clear; the victim is currently involved in a very messy divorce case but was rescued by his wife, who was on the scene and rushed in to help – without her intervention, he thinks he might have died.


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