Mariano Rajoy, and bit of summer reading

ABC is Spain’s third largest general interest paper, according to Wikipedia, and I’ve been following it today for coverage of Prime Minister Rajoy’s appearance in front of the tribunal which is hearing evidence in the case of businessman Francisco Correa and his links to the ruling Partido Popular (Rajoy, en la Audiencia: “Mis responsabilidades son políticas, no de contabilidad”).

ABC credits Rajoy with an assured performance and robust denials of any personal involvement in wrongdoing – as predicted in the run-up to the hearing, he stressed that as deputy general secretary of the party at the time, he dealt with political rather than funding issues but was in fact responsible for throwing Correa out when concerns about his activities started to emerge. The case is nonetheless deeply embarrassing and the paper outlines the wrangling that took place over presentational issues around the Prime Minister’s appearance – refused permission to give evidence by video link, he was allowed to take a seat in the area reserved for lawyers, judges and the prosecution rather than place normally taken by witnesses and defendants.

As a bit of light relief I had a look at one of the paper’s most widely read articles of the day, which turned out to be a list of the books ABC’s arts correspondents will be taking on holiday. The recommendations include Walter Benjamin’s unfinished book about Paris (the English version is called “The Arcades Project”), a novel by Colombian writer Héctor Abad Faciolince called “La Oculta” praised by Juan Fernández-Miranda for his ability to portray the relationships between people and his rhythmic and intense prose. Neil Gaiman’s Smoke and Mirrors gets a plug from book critic Luís Alberto de Cuenca.


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